Coffee Trader
High Frequency Coffee Trading 4 hrs a Day
Average 2 Trades a day and 300 to 800 pips per week @ 1 Contract = $1,000+ Profit per Week.

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    My name's John Campbell ( and this is my latest system. Coffee is a very exciting instrument to trade - it opens at 9:15 GMT and closes at 18:30 GMT and has substantial moves in minutes. I have developed a unique way of trading off the 15 minute charts and trades are closed after exactly 45 minutes, not when a set Take Profit is reached. This means that we make many 'average' trades but can also catch the big moves (hundreds of pips) without being restricted by any TP limit. For example, December has seen 515 pips and 420 pips taken in just 45 minutes, whereas most other trades take between 50 and 100 pips. Figures are for trading just four hours a day, 5 days a week!

  The first 12 days of December produced 27 trades, only 5 of which were losers. We had profits on all bar two days (small losses), giving a total of 2,380 pips! Trades will be signalled in our usual way, by arrows but no other conformation or rules are required, making this very mechanical and not open to any variation of interpretation. See an arrow signal, trade, close 45 minutes later.

     The system has been refined to trade only between 12:45 and 17:45 UK time which is 7:45 to 12:45 EST (that's just 5 hours a day). Slightly less profits than trading the full 9 hours but a much, much greater return per hour, less stressful and very manageable for anyone.

    Priced at just $49.00, you will get the unique Coffee Trader indicator (to provide the buy and sell signals as shown, a one click chart setup template file and a 10 page, illustrated pdf guide suitable for beginners or experts and containing advice on money management as well as the psychological aspects of trading this system. Minimum $500 capital needed.

    7 day, no question refund - contact me NOT PayPal please as they cannot issue a refund.

 Coffee Trader just $49.00 instant download.
PayPal gives the download link ON SCREEN after payment
"Return to uk"

Coffee Trader $49.00 Thank you.
PayPal gives the download link ON SCREEN after payment "Return to uk"

     US clients must use FX Choice.

   Open up an ECN Pro account (best for general trading) and then open a Commodity Account in your back office (instant) to trade coffee. FX Choice is a great fully regulated company with good customer service but they do have very high margin requirements of $595 per 0.1 contracts for coffee, so you need more capital than with AvaTrade. Spread is variable around 40 pips although we are trying to get that reduced!

    Non US clients can use AvaTrade which has a lower margin requirements and variable 20 - 30 pip spread. However, for some reason the contract size is larger on Ava (more pips per Lot).

    AvaTrade are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and we've been using them for many years without problem but their back office is outdated and customer service is slow!